Our teachers share the love
of working with children and
have a passion for teaching.
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  iSPONGE ENGLISH is proud of our incredibly skilled, committed, and energetic teachers. Our teachers share the love of children and passion for teaching. They understand the differences in the developmental stages of each child in their classroom. They can relate and empathize with the struggle that children have in learning a new language. Our teachers strive to provide a warm, caring and safe learning and playing environment for their students. In class, teachers are role models, acting as excellent citizens.

A teacher¡¯s energy and enthusiasm gets extended to our children¡¯s attitudes towards school and learning. Teachers oversee and observe their children, but do not judge them. Teachers teach their students from their hearts. Consistent feedback based on systematic observation helps children to grow further and stay excited about their learning.

  Applicants who have been approved by the head quarter are admitted to the Teachers' Training Course, where they are trained to teach using the iSPONGE ENGLISH teaching method and tested at the end of the course.
  Our teachers come to us with a variety of early childhood backgrounds, and all benefit from our extensive training and professional development support programs.
Teachers go through a comprehensive three day training program that gives them the understanding of the Academy's standards and curriculum, as well as explores child development issues. They work with trainers, with members of our experienced Education Team, with other teachers, and also on their own, to ensure they have all the tools necessary to be the kind of teacher you expect and we demand.
No matter how new or experienced they are, all of our teachers have access to a myriad of professional development opportunities through iSPONGE ENGLISH Education Department and our field management structure.
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