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  There are many places worth a visit in South Korea from gardens to parks to shopping centers and nightclubs.

Not only South Koreans work hard, they also party hard?often very late into the night. You are going to want to experience the wonderful nightlife of South Korea. Some of the famous nightclubs in South Korea are JJ Mahoney's, Music Bank, Areno, Boss, Chong Hak Dong, Limelight etc.

  South Korea has many places to visit in the day time as well. Korea holds a high regard at this as it possess the world finest cultural places temples and entertainment resorts. Korea is one of the most fascinating regions to visit and explore in terms of its cultural aspects and entertainment opportunities. In Seoul city you can visit the National Folk Museum Namsan Park and Dongmyo temples.
  In Busan city you can go hiking visit the beeches or relax at a tourist resort.
  In Daegu city you can visit the famous temples and parks in the world. The most well liked parks in Daegu are Apsan, a mountain with trails, Buddhist temples, a Korean War museum, and a gondola ride to the peak.
  In Gwangju Metropolitan City you can taste the various cuisines which are quite famous or go sightseeing.
  There are some other famous destinations are Seoraksan National Park Songnisan National Park ,Ulleungdo Island, War memorial etc.
You can also go shopping in South Korea. Foreigners can avail special duty free prices. Fashion, antiques, medicine, herbs and spices, electronics and wedding clothes feature highly on Korea's shopping itinerary.
The best shopping districts and markets are in the capital, Seoul, include: Namdaemun (wholesale market); Tongdaemun (good for bargains); Myong dong (Korea's fashion district); Insa dong (antiques and art); Changanp'yong (one of the largest antique markets in the Far East); Itaewon (modern shopping district); Noryargjin (fish market); Yongsan Electronics Market; Koyndang (Oriental medicine, spices and herbs market); Hwangkhak dong (flea market, good for second hand shopping); Ahyon dong (the 'wedding street'); and Shinch'on (good for accessories and fashion).

Source: www.Korea.net
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