At iSPONGE ENGLISH children learn as they play and laugh.
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  Mr. Moon¡¯s iSPONGE ENGLISH is a foundation education program for our children who possess infinite potentials.

Unlike other kindergartens that aim to yield immediate academic achievements from children, iSPONGE ENGLISH has a long term vision for our children-the future global leaders.
Based on years of research, it thoroughly prepares students to become leaders, starting from their entry into elementary schools, through university, and into bright careers.
  iSPONGE ENGLISH aims to ¡°provide a language learning environment and education course that will not inflict any psychological stress or damage on the learner.¡±

In textbook centered courses, learners are forced to follow the pace of a book. Students who receive vast amounts of input may show improvements at the outset, but such progress thrives on the demise of individuality and potential.

Standardization of individual development that is assessed in a hierarchical manner, forms a dichotomy between ¡°superior¡± and ¡°inferior¡± students. This leaves nothing but scars in our little children¡¯s hearts. Children who lack confidence in themselves cannot be on the ¡°superior¡± side of the dichotomy. In some cases, once children begin to consider their English education a failed attempt, they lose the impetus to make further attempts to learn the language, because of the fear of further failure.

These scared little ones carry this invisible wound into their adulthood. As long as they have this wound, their lives will be directed by their fear of failure. They will assert themselves in academic life, sports, and social activities with the fear of disappointing their parents, mediocrity, and unpopularity. Such passive people cannot lead the world, let alone a handful of people. Children have infinite possibilities and they can be explored only when there is self-realization and well formed self-motivated learning habits. An excellent education should focus on serving the best interests of the learner. Everything else is subsequent to the young human being-our child.
  Child development can be largely divided into social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Mr. Moon¡¯s iSPONGE ENGLISH holistically stimulates and develops all three aspects of a child's development with the use of its unique theoretical frame, teaching materials, and teachers' training programs and operating systems.
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